Boyce Council bans recording at meetings except with permission

The Warren Sentinel

BOYCE — The Town Council unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday forbidding residents from making audio or visual recordings of council meetings without prior permission from the mayor or town manager. Council already uses a digital device to make audio recordings of its meetings.

The action comes after a resident used a smartphone to visually record a portion of the December council meeting.

Boyce Town Hall is a small building with a single room, a conference table for Town Council members and space for about a dozen chairs for residents. Council determined that residents who record or take photographs during meetings create a distraction and may inhibit others from speaking in public.

The formal resolution, which will be posted on the exterior bulletin board on Town Hall and become part of the Town record, went into effect when it was passed by council.

In other business Tuesday, Town Manager Ruth Hayes said she will begin the process of reviewing all business licenses.

Business licenses must be renewed at Town Hall each year. Hayes noted that licenses must also be updated to reflect current uses.

"Some businesses have changed over the years," Hayes said. "The Town wants to make sure licenses are correct and current and that every business has a proper license."

Hayes will be assisted in the process by the town's code enforcer, Brian Donovan.

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