Browntown booms for buds - Annual Redbud Festival expected to draw 1,500

The Warren Sentinel

BROWNTOWN — Browntown's population of about 300 will nearly quintuple Saturday as 1,500 are expected to flock to town for the 15th Redbud Festival.

"That's a traffic jam in Browntown," Festival Chairwoman Martha Buracker said. "It's the only heavy traffic day we have."

Festival-goers happening upon any traffic will be treated to the scenery of Browntown Road, which is lined with redbud trees. The trees peaked early due to a warm spring, but will still be out for the festival.

The Redbud Festival is scheduled for April 22 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Browntown Community Center at 96 Browntown Road.

The festival was founded by Browntownís History Committee as a fundraiser to renovate the building which served as an old post office and the community's only doctor's office into a local museum.

The museum is open once per year — during the festival.

Festival proceeds are now directed toward the Browntown Community Center, a 19th-century schoolhouse that Warren County Board of Supervisors sold to Browntown for $1.

Crafts will be abound, inside and outside of the community center and at the Baptist Church Fellowship Hall.

The festival will feature the ever-popular Duck Race, in which rubber ducks purchased for $5 are dumped into the creek and race toward a finish line near the community center.

The first duck wins $100, the second $50 and the third $25.

Other festivities include an appearance Steve Foster and Amazing Grace, musical performances throughout the day, a car show, and food.

Attendees can also vote on submitted photos of the Browntown area, and winners will be placed in the community calendar.

There is no entry or parking fee to the festival. Buracker encouraged people to come and enjoy the day in the "nice, safe location."

"I consider it kind of like the Mayberry of festivals for our area. It's not big like the Wine Festival or the Festival of Leaves," Buracker said. "Browntown is just so scenic and just kind of a nice country place to be, and a good way to get out of the rat race."

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