Council OKS surveillance cameras in Stonewall Park

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ELKTON — Town council has approved placing surveillance cameras in Stonewall Memorial Park after restrooms there were found, On Nov. 13 by Elkton Police, to have been extensively damaged.

At its meeting on Monday, Nov. 21, council approved $3,200 to repair the restrooms.

An assessment needs to be made as to how much individual cameras will cost before they are placed within the park.

Elkton Police Chief Aaron Hammer said he “would like cameras to be placed at many areas throughout the park, but I have to wait for the town’s ability to pay for them.”

According to Hammer, the vandalism was found just after 6 p.m. on Nov. 13, when “one of our officers discovered a variety of damage in the restroom, which included the stalls being kicked in, the frame was torn from the wall, the toilet paper holder was ripped off and toilet paper was strewn throughout the building.”

The damage to the property was assessed at $600.

The charge for the vandalism would be a misdemeanor.

The $3,200 for repairs is more than the $600 in assessed damage in order to renovate the inside of the restrooms and perform some upkeep to make it more presentable, according to Mayor Wayne Printz, who is also the acting town manager.

Also at the meeting, council approved $1,500 for Christmas decorations for the bridge heading over the South Fork of the Shenandoah River in town.

The council also tabled a motion to remove mold at the town hall — a subject which has been on the agenda for quite some time and which has been carefully looked at and is anxiously awaiting completion.

Also tabled was the idea of building an ice skating rink in Stonewall Memorial Park.

Mayor Wayne Printz, who is also the acting town manager, said he thought the price would be minimal, maybe $1,000, and it would add tremendously to activities for the town.

In other matters, Dan Talbot was reappointed to the Elkton Planning Commission and Chuck Morris was appointed to the town Cemetery Commission.

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