Elkton explores ice skating idea

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ELKTON — Looking for some ideas for winter sports equipment as a gift for Christmas? How about ice skates?

A new idea for fun family entertainment is being proposed by Elkton Mayor Wayne Printz.

“I am considering putting an ice skating rink behind the Elkton Area Community Center and with the approval of town council would like to see it in by either the end of the year or the first part of next year,” Printz said last week.

Printz offered a variety of photos from an website, Ice N’ Go ( where rinks can be ordered by size and then placed on the ground similar to a backyard pool.

Printz said the portable that rink could be placed on-site almost immediately upon receipt.

“We already have been offered donations by several local people,” he said.

Printz, who is also the acting town manager, is considering spending approximately $1,000 on the portable rink.

“The size I am looking at is 38 feet by 83 feet,” he said. “If that works and many people want to join in, I will look at getting another one.”

With the idea of adding some more “winter activities” for the local residents, including children and teens, Printz said the ice rink is a viable option.

“The water is sprayed on top of the rink which is about four to six inches thick and would be enough to safely allow people to skate, Printz noted.

As far as any potential falls go, the town is covered for that, he said.

“I have been in touch with Jeff Jones in recreation [the commission’s council representative] and with the approval at the next council meeting, we are looking to move forward with this new exciting plan,” Printz said.

Although Printz said he first considered the idea of placing the portable rink in Stonewall Memorial Park, he thought that the community center, where skaters would sign in and out, makes certain it a safer location.

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