Finally, church gets running water

The Warren Sentinel

FRONT ROYAL — One of the county's oldest churches has finally been blessed with running water.

Green Valley Baptist Church members have been ecstatic since the May installation of a pump-and-go system.

"Everyone is welcome. We're happy to be in the community and to try and make as big of difference and impact as we can, and weíd love to have folks come and visit with us," Pastor Tim Kirchoff said.

The church is located near the McKay House, which dates to 1700s, and is the county's oldest property. There has always been a chapel or church on that site, Kirchoff said.

The current building, previously a Methodist church, was built in the 1800s and bought by Green Valley in 1986.

Plans to install water have floated about since 1993, when the church paid a tap fee. For one reason or another, the church never tapped into the town water system and the town refunded the fee plus interest, Kirchoff said.

"Finally, in 2017, we've got indoor plumbing," Kirchoff said.

Installation of the water system costed about $18,000, and was funded through donations by the churchís about 45 members.

"We ran out of money at one point. We prayed about it, we leaned on the Lord, and the Lord brought in the rest of the money to get it done," he said.

The water has allowed for a new bathroom with a toilet and sink and a new kitchen sink.

Not having water "was a challenge," Kirchoff said. A "new porta-john was put out back" with a heater and light, and was "just about the nicest outdoor bathroom that you can have."

"It's still such a difficult thing. New folks coming in and having to go outside in the winter to use the bathroom. It was just not fun," Kirchoff said.

Kirchoff thanked the county for its help in guiding the church through the process.

Everybody at the church is thrilled, and they would like to share their joy with the community, Kirchoff said.

"Nowadays, people take it for granted that running water is just something everybody has. When you have had it for so long, then all of the sudden you get it, it's almost like a miracle for us," Kirchoff said.

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