Former Shenandoah, Page County leader passes away at 90

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SHENANDOAH — When Robert Good's wife of more than 30 years, Ann, passed away in 2011 when Robert was 85, he realized that a few changes were going to be necessary. For starters, he needed to learn how to do laundry. He wanted to maintain his independence.

"I taught him how to do laundry," said his daughter Robbie Colopy. "He wanted to do his own laundry, and didn't want me doing it for him."

While Good's wife was taking care of the house, including their two children, he was busy being a town and county leader. During his lifetime, Good served on the Shenandoah Council, was Shenandoah Mayor from 1956 through 1959, he was on the Page County School Board from 1956 to 1976 and the Page County Board of Supervisors from 1988 until 2002. He also worked full-time for Merk and Co. for 37 years, retiring in 1987.

In addition to those jobs, Good found time to run a part-time accounting business for several years, as well as serving as the financial secretary at his church for 25 years.

Good passed away July 15, at the age of 90.

As busy as he was, Colopy notes that her father always had time for her and the family. Bowling was a favorite hobby of theirs, and most Saturdays were spent at the bowling alley together.

"He loved to bowl," Colopy said. "As well as play tennis and golf in his free time."

Colopy remembers one of the prevalent memories of her childhood being angry or concerned townspeople calling his father at all hours of the day.

"The funny thing I remember growing up is that people would call him when it snowed and say that they needed their driveway plowed," Colopy said. "He was always getting random calls like that."

Good served the 5th district in Shenandoah on the School Board and as a Supervisor. Current Mayor Clinton Lucas remembers Good fondly.

"Any association I had with Mr. Good was always positive," Lucas said. "I never knew anything to be bad about him. He always seemed like he was concerned with everything going on around him, and was interested in his community."

A veteran of World War II, Lucas believes that helped give Good a personal drive that some do not posses.

"I know that he was a veteran and very proud of that," Lucas said. "That comes back into the community also. Usually, those are some people who like to be involved in their community to make things better."

Good kept the lines of communication open between the county government and the town government during his time on the Board of Supervisors.

"When he was our 5th district supervisor, he was more involved in the town government than anybody I could remember," Lucas said. "He made it a point to attend our town meetings and let us know what was going on in the county government."

Allen Cubbage served on the Board of Supervisors with Good for many years. While they started out as acquaintances, they quickly developed a friendship that lasted for nearly 30 years. The two met for coffee and lunch regularly, after both stepped down from the board in 2002.

"One thing I learned about Robert was that he was a good, honest man — he had integrity," Cubbage said. "He would do a lot of research before he made a decision on the board. He was a very good person."

Cubbage noted that Good played a vital role in getting major roadwork done on the four-lane from Luray to Front Royal. Cubbage added that Good was instrumental in seeing that Page County had two high schools.

"If you go back and do some study on him and see the decisions he made for Page County, I think he was a compliment to the area," Cubbage said.

Cubbage last saw Good about two weeks before his death. He had never fully recovered from 2015 heart surgery, but Cubbage said Good remained strong until the end.

"Robert was one of the most energized people you ever met," Cubbage said. "He made the best that he could of his retirement, right up until his health gave him some setbacks."

Good's daughter notes that had been relatively healthy until the last year, having a heart stent operation 15 years ago and a battle with prostate cancer 20 years ago. She said that the doctors had a hard time believing her father was doing as much as he told them.

"I'm a nurse, so when he would go in for a check up, the doctor would call me and ask if what he said was true," Colopy said. "I was like 'Yeah, he's really that active.'"

Colopy hopes that Robert Good is remembered for not only his contributions to Page County over the last 50 years, but for who he was as a person.

"He was a self-made man, very determined," Colopy said. "He had a really soft spot for his family and community. He was a World War II veteran, a man's man, but he had such a huge heart."

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