Front Royal tagline revealed: ‘Settle in. Venture out.’

The Warren Sentinel

FRONT ROYAL — An expert working on Front Royal's branding initiative revealed a new tagline to be used as part of the process of creating a new brand for the town.

The tagline is "Settle in. Venture Out."

It is meant to encapsulate the all aspects of a brand brief, which branding company Darwin founder Laura Kisailus presented Tuesday at the Warren County Community Center.

"It works for the short and long-term livability, it appeals equally to the tourists and the residents. It has a dynamic definition," Kisailus said of the tagline.

The brand brief is a north star of the process, Kisailus said. In addition to the tagline, it includes a big idea, positioning and core purpose.

The brand brief could be used in other future contexts besides marketing.

It could be utilized while "thinking about where you want to put your investments, or what kind of businesses or people you want to attract," Kisailus said.

The big idea is that Front Royal is an "upscale frontier," meaning the area meets in the middle of sophistication and rustic.

It also represents possibility and balances natural and manmade amenities. That is meant to serve as the fuel of the brand brief that drives forward.

Three possible themes for the big idea revealed at a November meeting were "slowdown town," "country culture" and "base camp." "Slowdown town" received the most votes.

Several people voiced their displeasure with the theme after the meeting, because Front Royal offers a little bit of all three ideas. So, Darwin changed the big idea to "upscale frontier."

Front Royal's position is that it is the "Shenandoah getaway that provides upscale spaces nestled in tranquil places."

After the branding process, the town should be a destination, rather than a direction, Kisailus said.

The primary audience of the brand will be tourists; residents will be the secondary audience, Kisailus said.

The core purpose, which is the mission of the brand brief, is that Front Royal provides "affordable affluence in a paranormal playground." This is the flag in the sand that Front Royal can declare as its own, she said.

It was the final meeting of the "strategy" phase of the branding effort, which consisted of internal research. During the strategy phase, Darwin employees learned about the area through citizen surveys and community meetings.

Next is the "creative" phase, which will produce ideas that will be presented to the outside world, Kisailus said. This phase will include visual systems such as work on a new logo. It will run through the end of January.

Darwin was hired by the Front Royal Planning Department through a $35,000 planning grant, which also includes a facade improvement program. That program focuses on revitalizing buildings along Main and Chester streets and the adjacent area of South Royal Avenue and East Jackson Street.

In March, the department will apply for a Community Development Block Grant for implementation money. Amounts awarded through Community Development Block Grants vary, but it is not unusual for them to be around $1 million, Planning Director Jeremy Camp said. Part of the current process is to budget a plan for the full revitalization process.

The planning department will not know if it is awarded the grant until September, by which time Darwin will be ìchamping at the bitî to take action, Kisailus said.

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