‘General Industry’ a go in Mount Jackson

The Shenandoah Valley-Herald

MOUNT JACKSON — Town Council unanimously approved putting a new zoning district on the town’s books on Tuesday.

An amendment to the town’s zoning ordinance creating a general industrial, or I-2, district will go into effect immediately, Town Manager Kevin Fauber said Wednesday.

The district will allow 17 kinds of medium industrial and commercial businesses, including manufacturing and distribution centers, to operate by right and three kinds with a special-use permit.

The amendment also adjusts the town’s limited industiral, or I-1, district to allow five kinds of ventures by permit and 18 kinds by right. Car dealerships, breweries and wineries and veterinary offices will now be able to operate without a special-use permit.

Finally, the amendment adjusts the town’s agriculture district to allow solar farms that are two acres or smaller by right. The amendment’s approval comes ahead of a presentation by Virginia Solar, which hopes to build a solar farm in town.

Representatives from the Richmond-based company will appear before the Planning Commission during its next meeting on April 3. Fauber said the amendment “opens up the avenue for consideration” of the proposal.

Council members Donald Pifer, Rodney Shepherd, Ken Hackenbracht, Roger Rudy, Dennis Andrick and Whitney Miller voted during the meeting.

Also on Tuesday, council voted unanimously to table a request from Holtzman Propane owner Todd Holtzman to turn a 2,300-square-foot house he owns on Gospel Street into two two-bedroom apartments.

The vote followed a decision by the Planning Commission earlier this month to postpone a vote on the request until the town’s parking rules could be reviewed.

The town code mandates that every dwelling that borders a street have two off-street parking spaces available. If the property is converted, it would need four off-street spaces, which would not be possible given the sizes of the house and the 0.2-acre property on which it sits, Fauber said.

Holtzman will now file a variance request with the town’s Board of Zoning Appeals to try to get an exception to the parking rule, Fauber said.

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