Luray Police Chief announces retirement

Page News and Courier
LURAY — At the close of his annual review of police statistics for 2012, Luray Police Chief Page D. Campbell Jr. announced to the Town Council on Monday night that this will be his last year on the job.
Page Campbell will celebrate his 25th year as a police officer for Luray in April, and will mark his 17th year as police chief in September. He told the council he intends to retire next January.
“I've been a police officer since I was 21 years old, and my wife and I feel it is time to move on to other things,” Campbell said, adding that he is “giving you all plenty of time to be thinking about a new police chief.”
Interim Town Manager Jerry Schiro, who is himself a former Luray Police Chief, praised Campbell as a leader who has “set a really high bar for professionalism and public service.”
He added that Campbell “has managed to conduct the affairs of the police department in a way that has always brought a good reflection upon the Town of Luray.”
Both Schiro and Mayor Barry Presgraves agreed that Campbell is “well-respected and well-liked by everybody in the community.”
Presgraves added that Campbell “has brought a lot of strong leadership to the police department” and it is “always a pleasure and joy to be around him.”
Both Schiro and Presgraves noted that the past history of the Luray Police Department has been that the chief was appointed from within the department’s ranks. Campbell and his predecessors, Al Judd and Schiro, were all promoted from within the department.
“That is certainly one thing we will be looking at, whether the opportunity exists to promote from within the ranks,” Presgraves said. “I’m not saying that will happen, but we will leave no stone unturned.”
Presgraves said he hopes the council will have a good candidate to consider by Semptember.
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