Luray town manager announces retirement

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LURAY ― The town will see a new manager at its helm in the coming fiscal year.

Luray Town Manager Charlie Hoke tendred his notice of retirement last week.

“I’ve worked for the town for 35 years, and it’s an appropriate time for me to retire,” Hoke said. “I really appreciated being able to stay in one place for 35 years and a lot of opportunities I’ve had with the town.”

Hoke, 61, was appointed as interim town manager in April 2013, before securing the full-time position in a 4-to-1 council vote four months later in September 2013. Prior to the appointment, he served as Luray’s Director of Utilities ― a position he began in 1982.

The Texas native first visited Luray at that time, Hoke said, while he was working for an engineering firm headquartered in Northern Virginia.

“I came for a weekend and the town manager asked if I wanted the job, and I accepted,” said Hoke.

Hoke said he will continue living in the town he’s called home for more than three decades.

When asked if he’ll take a job with the Shenandoah National Park following his retirement from his position in Luray, Hoke said, “It’s a good possibility ― but I don’t know how that bares on my retirement notice in Luray.”

He declined to give any further details about the details of the potential job.

At the time of Hoke’s shift from Director Utilities in 2013, he earned $73,707 a year, according to the April 11, 2013 issue of the Page News. According to the Sept. 12, 2013 issue, Hoke was hired as full-time town manager with a base salary of $80,000, and no overtime pay.

Luray Mayor Berry Presgraves commended Hoke’s long-time tenure.

“He’s been a very good town manager,” Presgraves said. “I’ve enjoyed working with him; I commend his integrity and honesty. He’s done his job well.”

The mayor continued, noting that the Luray Council will likely discuss plans to replace Hoke during the council’s June 12 meeting

“I would like to see them hire within,” said Presgraves, specifying that he would personally prefer that the “next town manager be someone already employed by the town.”

“[Charlie] has been an asset to our community,” said Presgraves. “I wish him nothing but the best … He wears many, many hats.”

“It’s been a joy working for the town,” Hoke said. “I have been blessed.

“The people I work with are very good and high-quality folks.

“The people will probably be the biggest thing that I miss.”

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