Page County Republican leader named ‘Unit Chairman of the Year’

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LURAY, Dec. 10 ― A Luray native received statewide recognition last Saturday for his work as Chairman of the Page County Republican Party.

During a gathering in Richmond, the Republican Party of Virginia named Parker Gochenour “Unit Chairman of the Year” for achievements he's made in the past year.

The 26-year-old was named temporary chairman of the local GOP in October 2015 before taking the reins permanently in March when he was elected during a mass meeting.

“Parker would be the first to say it was not his leadership but the dedication of his unit members which led to the success of the Page County Republicans over the past 12 months,” 6Congressional District Republican Chairman Scott Sayer said while presenting the award on Saturday.

Sayer and other party supporters noted key accomplishments made in the past year by the Page County GOP under Gochenour's leadership, including increasing local membership, launching a scholarship program for local high school seniors, voting to endorse town council candidates for the first time in the county's history and organizing 19 local committee events, including two events that drew Republican candidates for state offices that will be up for election next year.

The Page County chairman was singled out for founding the inaugural GOP Jamboree in July, which drew six Republican candidates to Luray, as well as organizing a meet-and-greet event last month that drew five candidates.

Gochenour was additionally credited with helping to update the unit's bylaws for the first time in nine years, revamping the local party's website and Facebook page and purchasing and implementing a voter information database aimed at winning local elections with bigger numbers.

“I cannot solely take credit for the tremendous results our team has achieved in the past year,” said Gochenour. “We never forget that as a party, we never quit, we never back down, we never retreat; we advance … It has truly been my passion leading this team.”

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