Painter sentenced to 28 years for shootout with deputies

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LURAY, March 16 ― A Luray man was sentenced last Wednesday in Page County Circuit Court after pleading guilty in December to charges stemming from a March shootout with two Page County deputies.

Glenwood Allen Painter Jr., 41, of Luray, was sentenced to 10 years for attempted second degree murder, with five years suspended; 10 years for a second county of attempted second degree murder, with three years suspended; three years for the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony (first offense); and five years for the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony (second offense).

In total, Painter was sentenced to 28 years, with eight years suspended ― more than twice the sentencing guidelines, which dictate a range of five years and three months to 11 years and seven months, according to court documents.

The sentencing comes just more than a year after the March 5, 2015 incident that began just after 10 p.m. when deputies Jeffery Buono and Mike Myers responded to a 911 call. The caller, a resident on Old Farms Road in Shenandoah reported property damage due to a reckless driver and identified the man as his neighbor.

The deputies located Painter's vehicle parked outside of 127 North West Turn Road, and issued a warning. They advised him to “stay home and talk to the guy tomorrow about fixing the fence.”

No charges were filed, and the deputies began “clearing from the call,” when Painter followed the deputies from the house down the driveway.

According to court records, Painter “produced a handgun and subsequently, shots were fired ...”

Deputies returned gunfire in self-defense, striking Painter multiple times in the torso.

“Even after he was shot, Painter continued to fire his weapon from the ground,” said Page County Commonwealth's Attorney Ken Alger.

According to testimony at a preliminary hearing, Painter was singing the lyrics to the theme song from the television show “COPS” as the exchange continued.

At the time of Painter's apprehension, his weapon was out of ammunition.

During the incident, one bullet was observed to have struck a sheriff's patrol vehicle near a deputy, according to a March 5 criminal complaint. The other deputy, Buono, sustained a gunshot to the leg as the result of a ricochet. The deputy suffered “deep muscle tissue damage,” but fully recovered.

The Virginia State Police investigated all parties involved, and initially charged Painter with two counts of attempted capital murder. Those charges, however, were amended to attempted second degree murder, since witnesses indicated that Painter was intoxicated at the time of the shootout, according to Alger. According to Virginia code, a person cannot be charged with capital murder or attempted capital murder if the accused is intoxicated at the time of the offense.

Whenever officers engage their weapons, an independent investigation must be conducted, Alger added.

Painter was additionally ordered to pay $486 in restitution to the Virginia Association of Counties Group Self-Insurance Risk Pool, as well as 10 years of supervised probation and three years of a post-release term of incarceration of three years, with three suspended. And additional three years of supervised probation was imposed instead.

Painter was ordered to have no contact with deputies Buono and Myers or their families, and shall remain free of alcohol during his probation.

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