Police Seek 2 Suspects

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Police are searching for two suspects believed to have made several purchases with counterfeit $100 bills in Woodstock and Front Royal over the weekend.

Woodstock Police Chief Eric Reiley said police recovered four counterfeit bills that were really $5 bills bleached and reprinted to look like century notes.

Reiley said he believes the purchases, made on Saturday, are connected.

The bleaching method, according to Reiley, would keep the size and feel of the paper consistent with that of an authentic $100 bill, but printing of the note would be difficult to replicate.

"If you don't look and you don't pay close enough attention it could feel like a real $100 bill," he said. "A close-up inspection of the bill would reveal that it is fraudulent."

The suspects, described as a black male and female, are said to have made several small purchases at Walmart and Cracker Barrel in Woodstock and at a Cracker Barrel in Front Royal.

"It was small items of less than five dollars, with the intent of getting a large sum of change in return," Reiley said.

Upon the fifth attempt, a cashier at the Woodstock Walmart recognized the bill as counterfeit.

The suspect then "snatched the bill back" and left the building. He was gone by the time police arrived on the scene.

The Woodstock Police Department is working with Front Royal police, as well as the Secret Service, because of the counterfeit evidence, to track down the suspects.

Reiley said police are reviewing security footage at the purchase locations.

"We are working together to see if there is any piece of the puzzle we can put together," he said.

Anyone with information regarding the counterfeiters or the phony bills should contact the Woodstock Police Department at (540) 459-2141.

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