Regional jail to rent space out to Prince William

The Warren Sentinel

FRONT ROYAL — The Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren Regional Jail recently added a new revenue stream by renting unoccupied bed space out to a nearby overcrowded jail.

Inmates from the Prince William County Adult Detention Center will soon be transferred to RSW Jail, per a Friday agreement between the two facilities, according to RSW Jail Superintendent Russ Gilkison.

Prince William County inmates will stay at RSW Jail at a cost of $33 per day, Gilkison said. The RSW Jail can hold about 560 inmates, and has a current occupancy of about 330.

The agreement does not stipulate that RSW must accept a certain number of Prince William inmates and Gilkison estimates it will take on between 10 and 20 transfers.

Gilkison does not know when the transfers will occur, "but by the end of the week we will probably hear something."

Gilkison said RSW has staffing issues, and he does not want to add too many inmates because it could overburden the jail employees.

"I'm not trying to cause overtime or extra staffing issues. It's just a way to get some revenue coming in and fill in some bed spaces that we have," Gilkison said.

If RSW were to hold 10 Prince William inmates for one year each, Gilkison estimates it would generate about $130,000. In addition to the daily $33 charge, money would be generated from phone use, daily housing fees, and commissary use.

Any additional costs that may be incurred by the deal, such as medical bills, would be funded by Prince William County.

The extra revenue should help offset the contributions necessary by Rappahannock, Warren and Shenandoah counties, Gilkison said.

"It's really there to just help reduce the local tax burden," Gilkison said.

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