State will no longer issue tax refund checks

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If you expect a refund from your Virginia state taxes this year, don’t expect a big check in the mail. In fact, don’t expect a check at all.
Beginning this year, taxpayers who do not opt to have their refunds direct deposited to their bank accounts will receive a prepaid Tax Refund Debit Card, according to the Virginia Department of Taxation.
A Tax Refund Debit Card, according to the department’s website, is a prepaid MasterCard debit card that gives taxpayers immediate access to their money, and can be used like any prepaid debit card to make purchases, pay bills online or make withdrawals at an ATM.
According to Page County Commissioner of the Revenue Charles Campbell, the Department of Taxation’s website at contains detailed information about the new policy and how to receive a Tax Refund Debit Card.
The new policy is in place because the 2012-14 Appropriations Act requires that state income tax refunds be issued by direct deposit to a taxpayer’s checking or savings account to save the cost of printing and mailing checks.
Taxpayers who do not have a checking or savings account, or choose not to have the refund direct deposited, will receive a prepaid Tax Refund Debit Card.
The debit card will be sent by mail with detailed instructions on how to activate it, terms and conditions for using it, and customer support contact information for questions or concerns.
The cards are offered through the Go Program of Xerox State and Local Solutions Inc. You can get more information about this program by going online to
The deadline for filing Virginia state tax returns is May 1.
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