Town seeks to enhance its street improvement efforts

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ELKTON — Town improvement efforts soon will be hitting the streets.

Troy Shifflett, Elkton’s public works director, told members of Town Council at their meeting Monday night that he’ll put out notices soon seeking bids for Elkton’s fall paving work.

The town’s recently approved budget includes $412,000 in state funds earmarked for street work.

The plan includes repaving parts of B, C and F streets and East Spotswood Avenue and extending Park Avenue to connect with the turnaround at the end of Roland Avenue.

Wayne Printz, the town’s mayor and interim town manager, said Tuesday that the town had fallen behind on street-paving work until last year.

That’s when it spent about $462,000 into sprucing up the streets.

“We picked it up last year,” he said, “and we’re hitting it hard again this year.”

Decisions on which areas get new pavement, Printz said, are a collaborative effort involving Shifflett, town committees and Town Council. Public input is considered in that process.

The areas targeted for repaving are:
•B Street from North Stuart Avenue to Ashby Avenue.
•C Street from North Stuart Avenue to Terrace Avenue.
•F Street from North Stuart Avenue to Lee Avenue.
•East Spotswood Avenue from North Street past New Town Road.

That’s not the only work slated regarding travel around town.

Shifflett told the council members that more wayfinding signs to Stonewall Riverside Park will be installed. Right now, there’s only one sign to help visitors find the park off M Street on the south side of town.

“I don’t want people going back there and disturbing other people, trying to find the park,” he said. “A lot of people get lost back there from what I understand.”

The town isn’t the only governmental agency working on roads in the area.

The Virginia Department of Transportation is performing bridge work on U.S. 33 over the Norfolk Southern Corp. train tracks and 5th Street. Through Sept. 21, motorists can expect alternating lane closures from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

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