Woodstock’s new strategic plan to be ready July 1

The Shenandoah Valley-Herald

WOODSTOCK — Woodstock’s leaders are re-envisioning the town’s purpose and priorities via updates to its strategic plan.

Town Council and members of the town’s Management Team met for a work session on March 8, during which they exchanged ideas for what they want the plan’s mission statements and values to be.

“We gave everyone stickers for them to put on their most important values,” she said. “Fiscal responsibility received a lot of stickers.”

Other highlighted values included water quality, green spaces and government transparency, Belyea said.

The Management Team includes about a dozen administrators and staff members, including Police Chief E.L. Reiley, Finance Director John O’Neill and Urban Designer and Neighborhood Planner Lemuel Hancock.

The plan, Belyea said, is a “working document” that outlines the town’s five-year plan and a timeline of objectives to achieve it. Those objectives partially drive the town’s financial decisions, including the Capital Improvement Plan.

Council and staff created the town’s first such document in 2013. Council holds periodic meetings year-round to review its objectives.

The updated version should be ready for council approval by the start of the 2018 fiscal year on July 1, Belyea said. Council will review any changes during a public meeting before that date and let residents give feedback, she said.

The plan’s current mission statement reads “To encourage economic growth and to provide high quality and efficient services to the public, while maintaining the Town’s unique character.”

Its eight values include “A Commitment to Responsible Fiscal Management Strategies” and “Preserving our Town for Future Generations.”

Council and the team’s ideas don’t differ much from what the 2013 plan contains, Belyea said.

“For the most part, they’re very similar,” she said. “We have some new employees who weren’t here for the 2013 plan, so it’s been good to get some feedback from them.”

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