‘Best Day Ever:’ Front Royal Cardinals step up after six-year old’s emergency surgery

For six-year-old Logan Morris, Friday, June 9, 2017, began like any other early summer day.

School was out and baseball was the number one priority.

Logan was set to play in his final Front Royal Little League T-Ball game and then head over to Bing Crosby Stadium to watch his hometown Front Royal Cardinals.
But what at fist appeared to be a simple stomachache, quickly developed into a visit to the emergency room.

Once there, it was discovered that Logan had a nine-centimeter tumor around his intestines and had to be rushed to Fairfax NOVA Medical Center for emergency surgery.

What was to be a fun evening with plenty of baseball turned into a parent's worst nightmare.

“We should never take a day for granted,” said Logan’s mom, Amber Poe Morris. “Something as simple as a stomach ache can turn into something [awful].”

As young Logan was about to enter surgery, his mom said he looked up at his doctor and wanted to simply know, “’Can I still go to the ballgame?”’

“We go to the Cardinals games regularly,” Amber Poe Morris said. “He loves baseball.”

Logan’s surgery went well and he was back home the next day with the doctor's recommendation of getting plenty of rest.

Besides being a little nervous about going into surgery and dealing with the pain, Logan now appears to be fully recovered and ready for baseball.

Although he missed his final T-Ball game, Logan couldn’t wait to head over to Bing Crosby Stadium and catch up with the Cardinals.

Having heard of Logan’s situation through some of the host families of the team — who had been praying for him during surgery — the Cardinals made it a very special day for their new No. 1 fan.

“Regardless of a tough night at the yard, all of that goes out the window when you hear something like that,” Front Royal manager Brian Daly said after hearing about Logan’s situation. “As far as I’m concerned, the kid is a six-star player. I’ve never seen one like him. Five-star was the previous measuring stick, but Logan brings something extra to the table."

One player in particular, University of Washington outfielder Jaden Hassell, despite a tough loss, greeted Logan, gave him a tour around the infield and made sure all of the Cardinals autographed a baseball for him.

“Your heart just melts at that point,” Hassell said. “Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to be in the situation we are in. Who cares about a tough night at the ballpark when you compare it to what my buddy Logan had to experience. He’s tougher than all of us.”

Coincidentally, Logan and Hassell share the same No. 10.

“Jaden immediately took him under his wing,” Morris said. “The whole team didn’t hesitate to make him feel welcome.”

Pitcher Adam Goodman of the University of Georgia handed Logan some batting gloves. Logan got to take a photo with Hassell, his new favorite player, and with the Cardinals mascot Wildcard.

“It was the best day of my life,” Logan said with a smile.

Logan’s favorite position is catcher and he is planning to let his hair start growing out so he model it after his favorite Major League Baseball player, Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals.

But it was the day at the Bing and with the Cardinals that he soon won’t forget.

“It says a lot about them and their love and their sportsmanship — their involvement outside of just playing baseball,” Morris said. “It’s good to know, that although they are not even local, the kids look up to them.”

Morris also said she is grateful for the way the whole community reached out in support of her and Logan during their ordeal.

“It’s nice to live in a small town, where everyone reaches out and is concerned,” Morris said. “It makes me proud to be from Front Royal. It’s a humble experience to go through something like this.”

One with a happy ending, and of course, plenty more baseball in the future.

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